Glassware, Glassware, Glassware! And Tiki Mugs!

Yes, the posts have been a bit irregular here on the blog…I promise that we’ll get back to drinks soon, but in the meantime, the “Glassware” section has received a serious update.

The catalog will include a photograph of each piece and any info I can manage to dig up on (a task that is proving notoriously difficult and fraught with guesswork — time to invest in a stemware identification guide). As of now, many of the fancier coupes and crystal pieces have been added, as have my Tiki mugs.

If you have more information on a piece that I do not have listed, please let me know!

A post on an original drink featuring tomato syrup (yes, it’s true!) is forthcoming, as is one covering sherry in cocktails.

Photo by IJL.

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