Viva XXXII Tequila!

Continuing the series of spirit reviews prompted by my fellow drink enthusiast Lincoln, we next turn our attention to agave -- specifically, two renditions of the enjoyably subtle Viva XXXII tequila... Viva XXXII Joven Origin: Distilled in Tequila, Mexico ABV: 40% (80 Proof) Makeup: Distilled from 100% Blue Agave; joven is a blend of un-aged Blanco... Continue Reading →

Rum Again, Rum Again: Notes on Cockspur Rum

A little while back, fellow cocktail and spirits enthusiast/blogger/writer Lincoln rounded up a few of like-minded types to review a number of spirits and write about them. Booze reviews? Bottles provided? Yes, please. This kind of thing doesn't usually fall within my milieu, so all of you cocktailians, sit tight: a separate recipe post will... Continue Reading →

Original Drink: Winter Sun

A few months ago, I traveled to Paris. Little did I know that the cocktail scene was booming over there: it has the all the skill and dedication to the craft that you'd find in New York or London, but a sense of community and collaboration that is more reminiscent of Southern culinary capitals like... Continue Reading →

MxMo CVI: Spring Break — La Lavanda

Time for another Mixology Monday! Now that we've braced ourselves against winter and slogged through February, it's time to set our sights on Spring...premature? Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but Joel at Southern Ash has asked us to mix up drinks that inspire thoughts of warmer weather. Look no further than the Lavanda...     --- Photos... Continue Reading →

MxMo CV: Brace Yourself — Le Restaurateur No. 2

      So...for the latest Mixology Monday, Doc Elliot has asked us to mix up a string of drinks to act as winter bracers -- anything that will help us folks inhabiting the northern hemisphere to last through the winter. No problemo, Doc! To see everyone's MxMo contributions, check out Doc's Roundup Post.

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