MxMo 107: Burden of Proof | Rust n’ Dust

Mixology Monday has rolled around once again! This time, Monsieur Dagreb of Nihil Utopia is hosting the party, and he's asked us to mix up a round of drinks featuring high-proof spirits -- anything over 50% ABV as defined in his announcement post. [Mar 27: To see what all of us came up with, check... Continue Reading →

MxMo CVI: Spring Break — La Lavanda

Time for another Mixology Monday! Now that we've braced ourselves against winter and slogged through February, it's time to set our sights on Spring...premature? Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but Joel at Southern Ash has asked us to mix up drinks that inspire thoughts of warmer weather. Look no further than the Lavanda...     --- Photos... Continue Reading →

MxMo CV: Brace Yourself — Le Restaurateur No. 2

      So...for the latest Mixology Monday, Doc Elliot has asked us to mix up a string of drinks to act as winter bracers -- anything that will help us folks inhabiting the northern hemisphere to last through the winter. No problemo, Doc! To see everyone's MxMo contributions, check out Doc's Roundup Post.

MxMo LXXXVI: Pineapple

Mixology Monday has rolled around once again! We've just passed the solstice, so summer is officially here. The heat has been building for quite some time, however, and it's due to last for at least two more months. No doubt these factors led Thiago, of Bartending Notes, to select Pineapple for our monthly mixing theme.... Continue Reading →

Byrrh Rides Again: The Chevalier

I love apéritif wines. Byrrh, Lillet, Dubonnet, Cocchi, you name 'em, I'll drink 'em. These complex, Continental concoctions are wonderful on their own -- or with a wedge of citrus and some soda, a universal truth of drinking -- but sipping a tall, cold glass of quinine-tinged wine on a lazy afternoon sometimes feels just... Continue Reading →

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