MxMo LXXXVI: Pineapple

Mixology Monday has rolled around once again! We've just passed the solstice, so summer is officially here. The heat has been building for quite some time, however, and it's due to last for at least two more months. No doubt these factors led Thiago, of Bartending Notes, to select Pineapple for our monthly mixing theme.... Continue Reading →

Original Drink: Juliet’s Autumn

What's that? A cocktail contest, you say? Hmm... If you haven't run across it yet, has a fairly extensive cocktail cocktail site set up. Helmed by Colleen Graham, the site includes a drink database, weekly articles, reviews, tips -- just about everything you'd find in a paper-and-print cocktail guide. They've also started a monthly... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Drink: The Millionaire!

This one comes directly from Ted Haigh's Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails, accompanied by the maxim, "Recipes are not sacred." Indeed. Everybody from David Embury on down has realized this fact at one point or another. Mix a drink to your taste. In fact, mix this drink to your taste, though it's already an excellent one: Millionaire (#4,... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Drinks: Tiki-Ti Five-0 & Golden Dawn

Huzzah! The new issue of Imbibe is here! The cover story? "The Summer of Tiki." Also featured are articles about American soda fountains, cyclists guzzling beer, Spanish wines, and the drinking scene in Austin, Texas. Get yourself a copy, and check the link above for more Tiki-fied Tipples. In celebration, the first of tonight's drinks... Continue Reading →

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