A Short Flight to Paper Plane

This past weekend, friend Jack and I made our way to downtown Decatur to seek out one of Atlanta's newest cocktail-centric bars, Paper Plane. The cozy, retro-infused spot is the latest project by local bar wizard Paul Calvert (of Pura Vida and Sound Table fame).  As the AJC has said, it's not a speakeasy -- it... Continue Reading →

In Charleston? Need cocktails? Find The Gin Joint.

Recently, I paid a visit to Charleston, which has established itself as a culinary Mecca in the South -- James Beard Award-winning chefs, fresh seafood, classic southern dishes, and more than a few microbreweries dot the city's foodscape. While the city frequently boasts more churches than bars -- earning its "Holy City" moniker -- it nonetheless has an excellent, if small, selection of... Continue Reading →

Article: “Atlanta’s best bartenders speak up”

...and now, for a Tempered Spirits first, a post that has but one purpose: to refer you to an interesting article involving booze! Featured is a nice little interview video, a transcript of the interview, and a number of cocktail recipes. Enjoy! Creative Loafing: "Atlanta's best bartenders speak up: A roundtable discussion about the city's cocktail renaissance, plus their... Continue Reading →

Viva Las Vegas! Part 3: The Vesper Bar

After dinner at Emeril's New Orleans Fish House on our final night of the trip, we wandered down the Strip and back toward the Monte Carlo, stopping in at the Cosmopolitan on the way. We were seeking out the Vesper, which, as Drink Spirits mentions, is located in an oasis removed from the buzzing, dinging,... Continue Reading →

Bar Visit: Merchant, July 13, 2011

That's right folks, we're Off, on the road, to Madison... Well, technically, we're already in here, in town for a wedding. I was lucky enough to come up earlier this year to do a little architectural and cocktailian snooping, which turned out extraordinarily well. Now, Madtown may be a Beertown, but that doesn't mean the... Continue Reading →

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