MxMo LXXII: Drink Your Vegetables — Ciao, Provence!

Vegetables? It's too early for vegetables! At least, it's too early for veggies from our garden -- we'll be waiting two months, at least, for fresh, homegrown tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Rowen, of the Fogged In Lounge, however, has asked us drink bloggers to mix up vegetable-inclusive cocktails for the latest Mixology Monday. [Update, 24... Continue Reading →

Speakeasy, the Nerina, and Employees Only

What I love about books authored by bartenders is that they are written with a sense of calm, practical authority. No stand-offs or divisive arguments between mixology geeks, no lecturing on how to mix a proper Martini, just, "Here's how we make a [insert drink], a hundred times a day, and if you would like... Continue Reading →

Wilde Heart

Last month, Imbibe ran a piece on Irish Whiskey that caught my attention, namely because I hadn't tasted or mixed with very many Irish whiskeys. If you've paged through a large number of cocktail books, you'll understand why -- it's just not used in cocktails very often. According to Imbibe the scene is changing, however, and... Continue Reading →

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