Cocktail Night IX: Veintiséis de Mayo!

We're back to that time of the month once again: Neighborhood Cocktail Night! It being May, we were going to have a Cinco de Mayo night, but the date kind of crept up on us, and it was moved to the 26th. No matter, the theme was retained, and we have a couple of Mexico-inspired cocktails to sip... Continue Reading →

Cocktail Night V: Dark n’ Spicy

Arrrr, it be time for more rum drinks, me hearties! This time, we're covering a broader spectrum of this sugarcane spirit and delving into dark and spiced rum. The cocktail club is nowhere near covering the full range of rum -- a nearly impossible feat -- but we're getting there! Tiki Drinks will wait 'til summer, methinks.... Continue Reading →

Back to my ROOTs

Not too long ago, Jason Wilson wrote an article about a curious liqueur named ROOT (I'd prefer that it was simply "Root," but Art in the Age seems rather fond of the all-caps title). I was very intrigued, but not by the fact that he described as an American amaro based on the predecessor of... Continue Reading →

Shoo-Fly Punch

Here's a drink dredged up from the pages of Southern Living. If memory serves, they were serving this at an Oyster Roast. Now, if it were me, I wouldn't be mixing this drink when it's 30-40 degrees out (well, 50 if you're on the southern coast). Bourbon, and whiskey in general, does make for great... Continue Reading →

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