Cocktail Night VI: The Perfect Pair, or Two of a Kind

It's February...and it's time for another cocktail night! We're scaling back a wee bit and mixing up two drinks, rather than our usual three, to give more attention to our chosen cocktails and allow everybody to sample the ingredients, not to mention some homemade limoncello. Well, OK, it's also to give the bartender (me) a... Continue Reading →

Original Drink: Juliet’s Autumn

What's that? A cocktail contest, you say? Hmm... If you haven't run across it yet, has a fairly extensive cocktail cocktail site set up. Helmed by Colleen Graham, the site includes a drink database, weekly articles, reviews, tips -- just about everything you'd find in a paper-and-print cocktail guide. They've also started a monthly... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Drink: The Vacation Cocktail

Yes, I'm about to fly off in another plane to go to another place to go on another vacation (Madison, Wisconsin to be exact). It's summer, so I'd like a light drink, but one that's new and interesting, and preferably something that uses Aperol, since we're having Italian tonight. The solution? A cocktail from Zane... Continue Reading →

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