Cherry Blossoms!

Spring has arrived in Georgia, bringing with it the usual crop of weather conditions: wild fluctuations in temperature -- both morning-to-night and day-to-day -- tornadoes, rain, and exclamations from coastal Georgians and Floridians that run along the lines of, "Snow? In March? What!? Help me!!" (This is the Piedmont -- it happens every year. It... Continue Reading →

Happy Repeal Day!

Happy Repeal Day, folks! That's right, 78 years ago Prohibition officially ended, and booze flowed freely again in the U.S. Of course, it hadn't particularly stopped flowing during America's "Noble Experiment," and in some cases consumption actually increased, but hey, it was back to being legal. Well -- and here's one more caveat -- it was legal... Continue Reading →

Back to my ROOTs

Not too long ago, Jason Wilson wrote an article about a curious liqueur named ROOT (I'd prefer that it was simply "Root," but Art in the Age seems rather fond of the all-caps title). I was very intrigued, but not by the fact that he described as an American amaro based on the predecessor of... Continue Reading →

The Fitzgerald

Somehow, cocktails that are simple, elegant, and timeless get overlooked. More often than not, these drinks involve simple mixological maneuvers that, once performed, seem obvious under the scrutiny of 20-20 hindsight, but had simply never been done before, and never recorded. Somewhere, sometime, somebody must have thought, "You know what? I'm going to add some... Continue Reading →

Historic Core Cocktail

A while ago I ordered a copy of Left Coast Libations, a cocktail tome I had seen mentioned once or twice in the Blogosphere and had paged through while sitting at the bar at Merchant. While I still recommend it to anyone interested in craft cocktails (you gotta love Ted Munat's devil-may-care sense of humor, the meticulously researched recipes,... Continue Reading →

The Saratoga

Well, as usual, I'm getting impatient. Fall is entirely too far away; it's fresh, cool air and brightly colored leaves, which contrast with the oh-so-necessary crystal-clear blue sky, make it my favorite season. There should be a faint hint of woodsmoke in the air and a jacket over your arm. Curiously enough, what you'd like to... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Drink: The Tip Top

A truly exquisite little drink, the Tip Top is one of those well-hidden gems that deserves to be known better. Don't be afraid of the amount of vermouth in this one: Tip Top 2 ounces Dry Vermouth (Noilly Prat Original Dry) 1/4 ounce Bénédictine 2 dashes Angostura Bitters Stir with ice and strain into a... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Drink: The Lion’s Tail

While pondering what to mix, and seriously considering a Lucien Gaudin, I heard my Dad call down from upstairs (the liquor supply occupying a wall in the basement), "Hey! Are you mixing a cocktail?" "Uh, yeah? Would you like one?" "Yeah! Something with bourbon in it! I'm not a gin guy." Well, that settled it... Continue Reading →

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