MxMo LXXXIX: The Unknown — The Maturin Cocktail

In the world of cocktails, a great deal of faith is placed in precedent and tradition. We look to the written works of bartenders from a century ago for inspiration, who were themselves inspired by the Punch-makers from a century before, who were, in turn, increasing the potability of spirits that had been in production... Continue Reading →

High Times at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

As some of you know, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic was held here in New York a few weeks back. And I nearly missed it. Serves me right for not paying more attention to the cocktailian side of life. It had been a typically busy week in NYC. Somehow, I'd managed to squeeze in visits to... Continue Reading →

MxMo LXIX: Fortified Wines — Got Sherry?

January's Mixology Monday is focused upon a trend that is steadily gaining steam in bars across the country: the use of port, sherry, and Madeira wines in cocktails. Sure, you can reach for the old standbys like vermouth and quinquina if you want to add some sweetness and complexity, but bitter aftertastes and quinine aren't for everyone.... Continue Reading →

Norway Strikes Back

Drinking in season? Not today we're not. It's a hot year down here in Georgia: 90 degrees in May...who'd-a-thunk-it? So I'm rebelling against Mother Nature and mixing up two drinks best served (in my mind) during Fall or Winter. Both make use of aquavit, and I'm excited to share them because drinks that feature the... Continue Reading →

Drinking New Orleans, Part 2: Cocktail à la Louisiane

Following on the heels of the Vieux Carré is a drink with remarkably similar ingredients but a drastically different taste: the Cocktail à la Louisiane. Like the VC, it was salvaged from the pages of S.C. Arthur's Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'Em, deservedly brought back from the edge of the unknown by fellow cocktail geeks: Cocktail à la... Continue Reading →

Drinking New Orleans, Part 1: The Vieux Carré

Well, Mardi Gras was last Tuesday, and I'm sure everyone in the drink blogosphere has been getting an ample dosage of information on the Sazerac, the official cocktail of New Orleans, but nothing doing on this blog...we'll save it for Cocktail Night VII, during which we'll mix up three different versions of the famous drink. In... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Wood

Ever heard of aquavit? No? Well, neither had the cashier at Pop's. My bottle of Linie received an intent stare and a question when checking out. Completely understandable, given that Scandinavian liquor hasn't been flying off the shelves in this country since...well, it's never flown off the shelves. It went something like this: "So...what is this?" asked the puzzled cashier.... Continue Reading →

Cocktail Night II: Bourbon & Rye

Almost time for the second meeting of the Heron Social Club! This time our crew of cocktailians will be focusing on drinks made with bourbon and rye whiskey. Neighbor Dave G. and I spent an evening testing out a few drinks, narrowing down the choices to the following (in the order that they'll be mixed):... Continue Reading →

The Boulevardier

Ah yes, Campari. That bitter liqueur we Americans just can't seem to love...but that's OK. Even if we can't bring ourselves to drink Campari on the rocks (try giving it to your friends without telling them what it is -- quite entertaining, but they may never trust you again), we can mix it to great... Continue Reading →

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