MxMo XCIII: Blue — The Blue Sky

Well, my mixology-minded friends...I'm finally back, and it's been too long (how many blog posts have started out that way, I wonder?). Anyway, as I sit here waiting for Winter Storm Juno to kick into gear, I have a little dose of sunshine -- in cocktail form -- to keep me company. You see, Andrea,... Continue Reading →

Where Has All the Pumpkin Beer Gone?

Search me. After a reading a number of articles on Serious Eats about all the pumpkin beers that are (or were) out and about on the market, I headed to a couple of the local booze shops to buy some. Nothin' and nada. No luck. I'm serious. No pumpkin beer! Well, maybe a few straggling bottles... Continue Reading →


Right now, applejack is quite possibly my favorite spirit. Sure, I love sipping whiskey and trying out new gins, and cognac is great and I'm gradually warming to tequila, but I'll always love applejack. For those of you familiar with this quintessential American spirit, skip ahead a few paragraphs and get to the drinks. For... Continue Reading →

Original Drink: Juliet’s Autumn

What's that? A cocktail contest, you say? Hmm... If you haven't run across it yet, has a fairly extensive cocktail cocktail site set up. Helmed by Colleen Graham, the site includes a drink database, weekly articles, reviews, tips -- just about everything you'd find in a paper-and-print cocktail guide. They've also started a monthly... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Drink: The Vacation Cocktail

Yes, I'm about to fly off in another plane to go to another place to go on another vacation (Madison, Wisconsin to be exact). It's summer, so I'd like a light drink, but one that's new and interesting, and preferably something that uses Aperol, since we're having Italian tonight. The solution? A cocktail from Zane... Continue Reading →

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