MxMo LXXIII: Bay Laurel from the Witches’ Garden

Once again, it's time for Mixology Monday! Mr. Mark Holmes, of Cardiff Cocktails, is hosting, and he's looking for a batch of herbal cocktails. Roots, spices, and beans can be used as ingredients as well... [Update: Check out Mark's Roundup for MxMo LXXIII] As far back as we can look, the use of fresh herbs... Continue Reading →

Eh, it’s-a Tombasi, un Cocktail Originale!

A couple of weeks ago, the Lauer household was inundated with tomatoes. The gardens were cranking  'em out in July, and we could only consume so many of them. Our stomachs replete with red fruit, we offered them up to neighbors and co-workers, and with their stomachs replete, we had to move on to long-term storage solutions...along... Continue Reading →

Original Drink: Juliet’s Autumn

What's that? A cocktail contest, you say? Hmm... If you haven't run across it yet, has a fairly extensive cocktail cocktail site set up. Helmed by Colleen Graham, the site includes a drink database, weekly articles, reviews, tips -- just about everything you'd find in a paper-and-print cocktail guide. They've also started a monthly... Continue Reading →

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